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Investment Property Loans in Vermont

Mansfield Mortgage is your local expert on investment property loans in Vermont. The investor mortgage loan is for investment properties with the purpose of renting to a tenant, not for primary residential use. Contact Mansfield Mortgage to learn more and apply for an investment property mortgage loan!


This is sometimes known as a “property you intend to purchase for the purpose of renting out to a tenant with no intent to reside in”. These homes can be anything from a condo or townhouse, up to a 4 unit apartment building.

These loans start with 15% down, but you will obtain the best mortgage product and rate with either a 20 or 25% down payment.

These loans are a little bit more complicated to obtain as we have to consider all of your debt, including your current residence when we pre-approve you for this loan product. As always, it is best to call us to make sure you can be approved for this product.

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