Conventional / Conforming Loan

Conventional / Conforming Loans in Vermont

Mansfield Mortgage Professionals are your local Vermont conventional loan experts. A conventional mortgage loan is the mortgage loan many borrowers go for. These loans require a 3% down payment, along with the typical requirement. Contact Mansfield Mortgage Professionals today to learn more and apply for a conventional mortgage loan!

This is the loan to apply for when a borrower has:

  • At least 3% to put down on a home
  • Everything else in line (income, debt, credit score, etc).


Conventional loans are truly your vanilla mortgage product: best terms, best rate, lowest fees.

Conventional loans are harder to qualify for due to stricter guidelines on debt ratios and assets and credit requirements. This is the loan product that most everyone wants to qualify for. Generally speaking, this is where we focus our attention when someone first applies.

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